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"I cannot tell you the dreamy Indian story of your
imagination  simply because I am not imaginary -
and my story is no dream...." 

Please know that these pages are offered in a spirit of sharing,

not a spirit of anger.  These are statements of truth and fact, and
are in no way argumentative.  Explore these pages with an open
mind and an open heart, as they are shared with good intention.

(NOTE:  Mr. Two-Hawks encourages teachers and students to print and use his

writings for the purpose of education.  There are two conditions: One, that each
writing be printed in its entirety.  And two, that he be given proper credit in print
as the author.  We at Native Circle thank you for your cooperation in this regard.)

 Battling Racism

Mistakes, Lies & Misconceptions

Indian Influence & Contributions

Pet Peeeeeeeeeeeves!

 Walking Soft on Mother Earth

Indian Humor

 Cool Links!





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