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The Sacred Four Directions of the Medicine Wheel.  A symbol found in native cultures around the world.
"Welcome to Native Circle, a place where people from
all the sacred colors of the human race can come and
begin to experience the powerful wisdom of Indigenous
traditions.  You are invited to explore this site, reach,
grow, learn and connect.  It is my prayer that Native
Circle will be more than just a website, but a doorway
which can lead you to a place of inner balance, peace
and humble understanding.  May you be blessed...."

- John Two-Hawks

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Note to our visitors
This site is both a learning resource, and an online shop.
The world of indigenous identity in the U.S. and around
the world is complicated.  There are issues of legal status,
'enrollment', cultural connection and even judgements based
solely on appearance.  Not all of the material on this site is
Native American, but most of it is indigenous.  Some of the
content and product comes from the broader holistic spiritual
approach, and some contributors or artisans, though they
may identify themselves as American Indian or indigenous,
are not 'enrolled', and therefore we cannot, and do not, say
'Native American made' on the items they provide to us.
It will only say 'Native American made' on items which we
understand to be created by parties who are 'enrolled'.

Having said that, we recognize that there are legitimate
Native people who are not 'enrolled', and we will never
discredit these good people who are, in fact, Native. A CDIB
will never be the only valid proof of Native identity.  It is an
insult to insist that the only authentic Native people are those
who happen to have a paper in their pocket that says so.  It
is laughable to think that Native identity is that simple.  It is not.
And anyone who is American Indian knows this is true.  We
accept, love and celebrate the authenticity of race, ethnicity,
heritage and culture of all people, and invite you to explore
this site, and find the wisdom hidden within.  Blessings....

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